Blog Post, Female Orgasm Denial

hey James how are you ? me and my bf/ master decided to give up my orgasms for lent and with plenty of edges and is amazing oral skills it’s already getting hard (which I love) but I also find that my frustration leads to cheeky remarks and moody/ brat behaviour, not all the time but especially after long edging sessions. I’m usually very respectful sub and wondered if this was just a side effect of my constantly needy achy hole dripping with denial ? thanks for your inspiration Natalie xx

Hi Natalie, It can be a cause for brattiness, although if you’re just getting into […]

Blog Post

Hi, James! Thank you for the blog, it’s gorgeous! I finally started denial thanks to my new partner. But turns out being denied by someone else turns me on too much and I end up having pain in loins area after just a few days. I guess, it’s due to blood going down there too often for too long? I really want to be denied for longer time, but I feel like my body can’t handle mere days of not cumming. What would you recommend as a ‘schedule’/way of denying me? Your big fan, pre-op transgirl FJ xoxo

Sounds like you’re getting ‘Blue Bean’, the ladies equivalent of blue balls. Ouch. It’s not that […]