Blog Post, Female Orgasm Denial

Hi James! I wish to join the JuNo challenge, but the problem is that I currently have a dom that quite literally, encourages me to cum. He doesn’t quite understand the thing about orgasm denial (trust me, I’ve tried), and thinks that denial is pointless. It makes me jealous whenever I read posts where doms are denying their subs, and though there is a (small?) mismatch in kinks here, I don’t know if he’s the right one, or if I should just deny myself whenever I can.

Well perhaps get him reading all the amazing JuNO journals that are cropping up and […]

Blog Post

Just wanted to publicly celebrate since I have no one currently in my life that I can brag to: going on a first date soon with a gentleman I’ve been chatting to. He’s into orgasm denial, including being locked into a chastity belt. I’d be teased relentlessly & denied any pussy penetration, only anal for me. The idea is to break the record set by his previous submissive: seven months. Of course the date will be vanilla so I can ascertain if we’d get along, but if we do then I am so fucked! :D

Wow, sounds amazing! I hope it works out. Just remember to not let expectations get […]