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thanks to your blog I’ve discovered putting toothpate on my clit it’s got that nice tingly burn to it, not enough to put me in agony but enough to make me squirm, after the main tingle wares off you’re left with gradual tingles almost like throbbing, I’ve honestly never been this wet before

also to add to my previous ask with the toothpate, ever since I did it my clit has been more visible and bigger and don’t even get me started on the increased sensitivity, perfect for edging now

Oh that’s great! What brand did you use? I always recommend the gel ones as they don’t have the grit in that many others do, and that’s not much fun if it’s not washed off afterwards.

As for the bigger clit, that’s probably as much from how much you’re playing with it as anything to do with the toothpaste. but increased sensitivity is awesome. Well done!


This is an update to my original post with all new photos and instructions. It’ll give you a nice soft edge when you are walking or sitting. I’ve heard from a few women who’ve tried it successfully and wear it regularly.

If you try it, please send your feedback! I’d love to hear how it works for you.

Thanks to everyone who liked or reblog my original post, and pushed it over 1000 notes, especially @female-orgasm-denial!

You’re so welcome. Love this idea and all DIY sex toys are welcome here. I’d also suggest finding a bottle with a rounded cap as one smoother alternative and at the other end of the scale one with ridges

Hii! Did you make a post about a diy clit pump using a syringe? Because of tumblr being anal about things I can’t find it so can you please share it again? 💖 (If it was your post to begin with)

I think I did as part of my DIY sex toys series but search doesn’t work even on my own content now so I had a look but can’t find it either.

If I recall it was by cutting the end off a standard syringe, then carefully smoothing the edges. Use some lube to create better suction and slip it over your clit, CAREFULLY pulling the plunger up bit by bit. 

If you want other non-obvious items I’ve seen snakebite sucker things that people use for this too. You can get them on ebay.


I have a super exciting DIY project for you, the Panty Bump!

  1. Find a travel-sized toiletry bottle. There are many options at the pharmacy, but you may already have one hiding in your bathroom. Ideally, pick one that is rounded and smooth.
  2. Remove the top of the bottle. A knife should work, but you may need a saw if the bottle is thick.
  3. Either cut any rough edges back, or sand everything smooth with sandpaper or a file.
  4. Find an old pair of panties that you don’t mind stretching out.
  5. Figure out where you clit lines up with the panties. If that’s within the gusset area, you’ll need to remove the gusset from at least that section.
  6. Screw the cap into the panties with the cap on the inside and the threads on the outside.
  7. Enjoy!

I’ve had a denial friend try this out. She’s able to wear it for hours. She says:

It presses against my clit when I walk or sit and I’m trying to push up against it.. It keeps me stimulated and aware. It’s almost like a constant soft edge 🙂

What a very innovative idea, love this! The photos don’t make it very clear so for those of you who don’t read instructions (yeah yeah, I know who you are) the point is the inner part of the cap goes on the OTHER side of the panties, locking it in place.

This will work best with caps like the Listerine one which have a gap between the threads as they probably have a locking mechanism (two little triangles that lock onto bumps in the neck), which you might want to cut off before screwing it on too.

Try it out and see how you get on! 

Good work @dot-robot 

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With the comment about balm I wanted to share one of my favourites. You need a small jar (like an empty spice jar) and fill it with lube up to three quarters full. Put in a couple of drops of tobasco sauce- literally only a couple!- the stuff which is just chillis and vinegar. Shake it up and test it- two drops is pretty mild. Then add more as you need to. I have about twenty drops in a tiny jar of lube and I love it, and you choose how strong to make it! (I might add more now actually…)

Oh that really is a homebrew! 

Some will find chilli more likely to react to I think so before you make a whole pot full try a premix, but if that all goes well this is a nice idea. I prefer menthol to chilli myself, but the point where they both reach is capsaicin cream which is the essence of what makes chillis hot, but also has the cooling sensation of menthol, before it sets your body on fire. 

Now rub it on your clit, Rach

It’s crazy strong, and will fuck you up. Use well diluted, or regret it.

Have fun!


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Hi James! I feel dirty and just want to share… My phone has been acting weird and keeps vibrating every few seconds. At first it was annoying me, but now that I’ve pressed it against my clit, it’s actually quite enjoyable! I had heard of this idea before, but I didn’t think it would actually work. I’m quite happy to be wrong! We’ll see how long this lasts… ~ Liz


You know there’s apps for that:



Maybe, get a waterproof case if you really get into those.

well james i am FUCKED. i just tried an electric toothbrush for the first time and discovered its just good enough to get me to ruin… but only ruin (would love any thoughts or even tasks! dont post if its not anonymous please) – Ro

Oh no, how awful. Poor Ro. If you keep on ruining it’s just going to make you hornier and hornier.

So no ruining for you, just edging, as soon as you get close you have to move the brush inside you and vibe your g-spot. If you want to put it back on your clit, you have to do no touch for at least five minutes.

Let’s see if you can manage a week without going over.

Good girl.

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A DIY Collar Submission

Makeshift collar and chain for those who can’t buy stuff – hair ribbon, hoop earrings and the chain from a pocket watch or necklace!

Absolutely beautiful (you and the collar!) and very innovative, I love it. Thank you so much.

Send in your DIY kink gear and inspire others!

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when i was younger i would scrunch my legs and etc. and couldnt stop because it felt good – i thought i was ‘holding my pee’ .. i just now realized i was masturbating


Said basically everyone growing up, I think. 

Sex ed is rather… lacking

Side note, 

I wonder if fidget toys will help kids keep their hands out of their pants… 

Does this answer your question?

Yep, she’s using it as a vibe.