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Question for you: are delayed ruins a thing?? Last night I was listening to some sweet hypno (…Nimja), and was finishing up a hard edge. I felt myself getting so incredibly close, so drippy and feeling so good, and then pulled my hands away before just before reaching my tipping point. I was languishing in that warm edgespace…but then about five seconds later I somehow ruined? I’M SO MAD. WHY MY BODY GOTTA DO ME LIKE THAT.

Yeah they kind of are. I mean, by definition any kind of delayed orgasm where you have stopped touching is ‘ruined’. And that definitely happens – actually more with guys than women in my experience, but definitely with both. 

It can be longer than five seconds actually, with guys it can be anything from five to 20, but with women, sometimes it can be way longer. You’ve got yourself into this zone of arousal and as long as you don’t do anything to mess with it your body is just teetering on the edge, and you might not even realise it. 

I’ve had women cum, from putting their jeans on! A minute or two after edging! Just reaching down, pulling them up, that combination of clenching muscles and something hitting their pussy, boom. suddenly they are dragging them up into a wedgie to try to make it feel better. How delightful.

I’ve seen it happen with panty stuffing too. Quite relaxed after edging, no real idea anything could happen. But she pulled the panties out and not only did she cum, she squirted, completely spontaneously. So great.

My advice though is don’t be mad about it. Just delight in how amazing your body is and consider it a freebie. It’s kinda ruined after all…


PS Bonus points for using ‘edgespace’ <3

Hey James, earlier when I was edging I felt like I was going to cum so I stopped all stimulation and over a minute after not touching at all I still came! It was ruined of course but I thought I’d share with you. Have a good day x -KJ

Oh KJ, I love a good delayed orgasm, it’s rare and special!

That time teetering on the edge, where it feels like even a breath might take you over. Where you feel it spreading through you, ready to fall into the abyss of pleasure.

And then of course, when it does come, it’s ruined, no rubbing or fucking to turn that climax into the heavenly experience it could be.


You crumple into the floor of the abyss, your pleasure, sacrificed, given up.

And all the more wonderful for it.

Good girl. Thank you for sharing!