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Hey this is for the black Friday fantasy thing. I basically want my first time to be a rape fantasy where I am choked, beaten and tied up for enjoying it. I am not allowed to cum. I am being used by many different men, all of whom I know and will see regularly, and I have to make sure their wives/partners/girlfriends cum as well. There you go! Have fun!

I love it. Some claim that non consensual sex (which has been top of the favourite fantasies for ever) was becoming less popular but when I ask any woman ‘what’s the fantasy you hope I don’t ask to hear about’ (great question) it’s almost always that in some form or another. Or dogs. You’d be surprised by the number of dogs, anyway, moving on…

They used to claim rape fantasies were so popular because it was the one context where a woman was allowed to experience sex and she couldn’t be guilty about it because it wasn’t her choice (I know, all kinds of issues with that). But the guilt thing has gone down now as a society but still this remains. 

I think it’s perhaps more to do with the loss of control being so hot as a fantasy (and we are just talking about fantasies here people, let’s be very clear on that).

The message continues to be though, my lovely followers, if you fantasise about rape or any kind of non-consensual sex, it’s AMAZINGLY common, and nothing to feel guilty about.

Anyway, thank you anon! That’s one hell of a way to lose your virginity.

Share your fantasies here (they don’t have to be your darkest one, that’s just a forfeit on a wheel of denial). We love hearing about anything that gets you off!



1/2 I spun your wheel of punishments and it said I have to send you my darkest fantasy. What I really want is to be used by an untold number of men as many times as they like. I want to be blindfolded and have noise canceling headphones so I can neither see nor hear. I want to not know how many men I’m servicing. I want them all to use me over and over again until they’re all satisfied and I am nothing put a dirty mindless whore.

I want my mind to be wiped of everything except the feeling of being stuffed in all 3 of my holes over and over again. I’m sure I will cum in my mindless state so after they have all finished with me, I want my master to help bring me back to myself and the use a vibrator to force me to cum and torture me at my most sensitive over and over again.

I love you lot, you’re such nasty little fuckers. Good job. 

Isn’t it fun sharing your fantasies. Now you get to read it again, but this time realise that tens of thousands of others have it on their dashboards too. There are girls and guys masturbating to your darkest fantasy right now.

How hot is that?

Come on people, let’s make Black Friday really fucking dark.

Send in your nasty fantasies that you’ve never confessed to anyone.