Blog Post, Female Orgasm Denial

How can I best communicate to my LD Dom that I actually love denial. Of course I want to cum, and not having an orgasm is torture, but it makes me wild when he says no. It makes me feel alive with constant sexual desire, it makes me fem like I would do “anything” to earn that orgasm. Do Doms want their subs to enjoy denial, to admit enjoying being at their master’s mercy? What’s the best way to say it?

I tend to advocate the ‘cumming is good, but not cumming is so much better’ approach […]

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hi james! i just wanted to let you know that your blog is what has really gotten me into denial. at first, i just enjoyed reading about it, but could never bring myself to actually deny my own orgasms, but eventually i started denying them by making myself wait a little longer, but would always let myself cum at the end of masturbating. but now ive been talking to this guy for a few weeks, and we’ve been sexting, and the first time he told me i wasn’t allowed to cum that day i just felt my(cont)

my wetness pool between my legs. and of course it frustrated me, and i begged […]

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So my dom and I have been dabbling in denial, but I’m only not allowed to orgasm when she’s not around. How do I tell her I want to be denied during sex too? Tonight is the first time in a week I’ve gotten to see her and we’re going to dinner, I want her to play with me and then take me home and fuck me senseless but not be allowed to orgasm the entire time. What do I say?

You’ve just expressed it beautifully! Be brave and tell her. Send her a message with, ‘So […]

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So ive been seeing this guy for a while but he hasnt yet cum. He has said that my head is great but i cant get him to cum from it. The sex is great too but the condoms make it hard for him to cum. (He agrees its a bad idea to go without even though im on the pill). But its getting frustrating for me and i worry it’s frustrating him worse. I really want to pleasure him but i dont know how to do more for him and thought you may have some ideas.

Okay, let’s roll this back to basics. Forget about blowjobs, forget about sex, and let’s […]