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Something I discovered tonight: wearing a chastity belt and rubbing in slow circles against the metal right where my clit is trapped beneath makes me so wet. My brain and body wants to feel the stimulation, but instead I just feel nothing.

Oh wow, it’s like ‘phantom clit syndrome’ I love that!

I had a couple recently where I’d got the guy in a cock cage, the plastic all enclosing type (CB6000S for those interested) and she gave him a blowjob, on the cage, so he felt nothing at all, just visual. And he came, just from that, well technically, and delightfully, it was a ruin.

The fact that it was the first blowjobs she’d EVER given him (I kid you not, she’s denied too, really opens you up to new things) probably helped. When they asked if it was a bad thing my reply was, ‘Of course not, it just means you never need to let him out now’, heh heh.

The brain, people, it’s your most important sex organ, by a LONG way.

Well, at least for the ladies…

Hello Sir, I just bound my boobs and locked myself in chastity with a vibrator on low in my pussy. I can’t come from this and I’m already a horny dripping mess from two days of denial. Should I wait until the batteries die? Should I turn it on high? Should i turn it off? What other kind of things should I do to myself in this predicament? Love your blog. -K

Put the keys in a glass jar or bottle, fill it with water (don’t cap it) and put it in the freezer.

You can start pondering what the fuck you’re going to do next when the batteries finally die. (But unbind your boobs long before, they shoudn’t be tied too long, as I’m sure you know).

Good girl. You’re welcome!

Oh Mum, it’s Katie, it’s so good to talk to you. They’re so mean here at the Academy. The other girls reported me for cumming and now they’ve locked me in this evil thing they call ‘The Silver Trainer’ and I can’t even touch!

What do you mean, ‘good’? Didn’t you hear, it’s like being in prison but I can still walk around. It’s so unfair! Surely it wasn’t like this when you were here?

I don’t need to learn self-control, you don’t know what you’re talking about.

What? Yes, they engraved my name in it, why does that matter? Yes, under all the others with how long they wore it, why?.

Oh my god.

You were in it THAT long?

Yes mum, I understand. I’ll be strong. Give my love to pa.