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The rope and the words

Every day he was away she wore the harness to remind herself that she was his, at school at work, at home – the rope cords digging into her soft, aching flesh every time she sat or rose. 

Hidden from everyone else, holding her, caressing her, arousing her – a perfect symbol of her submission.

Tying it just the way he’d shown her became a wonderful routine. As her fingers instinctively made the knots, she’d whisper the mantra he gave her:

I am yours
This body is yours
I will please you in every way

To you I submit
To you I belong
I promise to serve you today

I’ve just started experimenting with self-bondage, and I’ve found a foolproof way to stay horny all day, which is something I’ve had difficulty with when doing orgasm denial. (no touch = no effect, basically, and edging works for a while then wears off) Self-tied crotch rope with the rope thin enough that you can’t see it even though skinny jeans. Should I go out in public with it and edge in bathrooms, or wear it but put myself on no touch? I don’t have a dom/me, so I’m having to DIY it! -Beth

Hi Beth!

I LOVE crotch ropes, they really are the best. I think my crotch rope instructions are what really got this blog on the tumblr map.

I suggest you try all those options. Out in public, edging and no touch.

I personally like to make a sub do a really hard edge and then tie it on and have no touch from then – just drives you crazy – the rope pressing in you and rubbing away secretly as you try to resist the temptation to make it better.

Also it goes really well with wearing a toy, a dildo or butt plug with a flat base that the rope pushes in and out as you bend over. So good. 

Wearing that overnight is a real mind fuck as you squirm and writhe around in a horny daze.

Handily suction cup dildos are perfect for that as they almost always have a suitable base (although you want one that isn’t too big and ideally doesn’t have balls which many of them do).

For more advanced self-bondage give a body harness a go: