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Well goodness, it’s been ages! How are you?

Hello my lovely followers!

A combination of work, a big holiday and then all kinds of fun with Tumblr’s Two Factor authentication (pro tip – it keeps your account so safe even you can’t access it) means I haven’t posted in forever. But I missed you guys so much!

Give me a day or so to catch up with all your messages and I’ll be back in action here and also on bdsmlr and we’ll get back to answering your questions and giving you as much edging fodder as I can come up with (and there’s loads!)

All my love


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I’m having the same issue as your other anon. It seems like any NSFW terms I search for in the app yield no results. I’ve double checked that safe mode is turned off. It just started happening in the past few days and it’s super fucking frustrating. I wasn’t sure if it’s a glitch in the app or part of Tumblr’s anti-porn agenda, but it’s good to know I’m not the only one having this issue.

Apparently Tumblr’s been having issues with search results. No results with any links in were being returned for lots of people, but that’s being worked on, so maybe this is part of that too? 

I get NSFW results fine on the website but not on the app at the moment. Given the app’s absolutely useless perhaps it’s just a bug, who knows.

We’re all at the mercy of the Tumblr gods…


Don’t forget you can always access all my content via a browser at edging.space which has its own search and tags and everything