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Do you accept submissions from guys as well or just girls?

No I have special software installed that peeks inside your pants and figures out which submissions to reject… Of course I do. All are welcome here.

However if by ‘submission’ you mean ‘bad photo of my junk’ then beware the magic banhammer (yes it even works on anons, that’s why it’s magic).

Until it becomes socially acceptable to greet someone you don’t know by pushing their face in your groin I don’t think dick or pussy pics are an acceptable introduction. Obviously we all wait in hope for that day to come.

If however you mean a well written submission about your experience of denial, then sure, happy to hear from everyone. 

What is this about having tumblr autoredirect to a custom domain? Are you piping the xml back and forth or do you just mean original content is bring linked? Super curious since I have been looking to get my own web space and if I can have it remain seamlessly integrated with tumblr, that would be awesome.

You can indeed. You can get it to redirect to a full domain or just a sub-domain , so lots of flexibility. And it can work for either primary or secondary blogs too. It’s not just passing XML it’s a full integration of Tumblr, just under your custom address!

Read all about it:


Within Tumblr, e.g. the apps, it works just the same, you keep your username for that blog – but it’s external web page will be routed off your own domain, not with the .tumblr.com ending. But in all other respects it just works like tumblr does via the web.

The big advantage really is that you’re in control of the ownership. Yes Tumblr could still delete your blog, but at least people would have a way to reach your content. And if you back up the blog with a site copier you’ve still got the old content too!

Hello! I have a question, I’m sorry if it’s a silly one. I’m a female with a kink blog (I don’t post original content, just reblog stuff I’m into) and to be honest, I want attention. I want people to notice me and want to message me. What’s the best way to put myself out there?

Hi there, not a silly question at all, I’m surprised I don’t get asked about the actual mechanics of a successful blog more often to be honest.

So, a first good step would to be not to make your asks anonymous, as them no one can connect to it from you asking something like this. I’m guessing it’s because your kink blog is a secondary blog, but ideally you want to make the most of Tumblr’s connectivity and be able to comment and ask from the blog you want to promote.

In other words, think about making your kinky blog a primary one, even if that means setting up a second Tumblr account – just use something like Google’s incognito mode to run two different accounts pretty simply.

Okay but beyond that, the fact you don’t do original content is going to mean you really struggle. That’s ultimately what gets blogs popular in most cases. Even if most of it is reblogs, with added value like comments or captions, SOME OC is vital to make you stand out from the crowd.

As a woman running a kink blog you have 

Look at someone like @fuck-toy-haley – she posts her pics VERY rarely but just that sprinkling of ‘holy shit a real, kinky woman runs this’ is enough to make her blog very popular. Even if you don’t post nudes, some of your own content showing you’re for real, and not a guy, gives you a totally unfair advantage in this world of porn.

Am I bitter that I can spend an hour writing a caption and all you have to do is do is post a poorly lit photo of boobs to out like me in seconds? Fuck yes. So make the most of what you’ve got, as far as you’re willing to.

The biggest advice however, applies to anyone wanting to get a popular blog on Tumblr. Go niche. Know who your target market is, name the blog something that will come up top in both Tumblr and Google search when people look for it, and then add consistent, good content. 

I set this blog up three years ago as a bit of fun, but because it’s very clearly focused, named well, and I am disciplined about adding material that is good enough for people to like and reblog, it’s now the number one female orgasm denial site in the world, which is absolutely insane but does make me happy. (And fuck you pornhub, you don’t count, wankers stealing my google top spot)

But if I had to pick one single tip to get attention – post your boobs, not even kidding. They are the WMD of getting Tumblr followers – by which I mean horny men who like boobs – for most blogs the two are effectively the same. 

Do feel free to message me with a link to anything you think would be relevant – I’m always happy to promote good content from my followers. Part of the beauty of this community, them following you doesn’t detract from them following me, so the bigger the better!