Blog Post, Female Orgasm Denial

JAMES! Had my first ever edge today! I am in my first ever healthy relationship of my life, with a guy who lives a bit far so we often do video stuff and today we were doing it and it felt so good but I remembered it’s JuNO so I made a decision on the spot and held on the edge for a good thirty seconds while he came for me. Not only that felt good alone, but it made me feel so good for a while, like I was infatuated with this feeling, and I felt sexy and confident throughout the day. Much love!

Much love indeed! Go girl!

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You had an anon a while back who mentioned that she likes hearing about women getting off to her denial? I’m here to say that I think of that message every time I come :-) Touching myself to this blog and thinking about all the pretty little denial sluts who aren’t allowed to come just gets me so wet. I love coming and knowing that I’m the only one! Sometimes I get caught up in it and make myself come three or four times… In fact, I think I’ll do that now. Cheers, ladies!

Insta-post. Good work!

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So um this is kind of embarrassing for me I am a complete and utter virgin, but one day i was playing and being a good denial slut decided to let off my dripping pussy and thanks to the video i was watching thought I would try to play with my ass it was the first time I have ever even touched back there but instead of taking me away from the edge I came soo hard I was kind if horrified afterwards and I’m not sure how to feel about it -LW

It’s brilliant, well done for being so open to try new things and I’m so […]