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Hi ! I was wondering, do you have any links to loops of cal’s curse or a compilation of files that are just cal’s curse playing over and over again ? I’ve accidentally found myself back again. Thank you ☺️

Welcome back edging anon, we missed you.

I put both versions I found (not my original content, just to be clear) on Soundcloud here. It has a loop function in the player:


While we are on edging hypno stuff, can I once again praise the work of NeuralNets. He’s got a Patreon now with all the new stuff but puts some up for free on Soundgasm sometimes.


Edge Puppet is perhaps my favourite edging track ever. Loop that fucker and rub and you can’t go wrong.




New audio for good girls!!

Edging and repeating a mantra for @yournaturalstate

This time with super special brainwashing effects!

For the best experience, listen with headphones.

A nice simple little audio to listen to while edging.
If you haven’t seen @chaos-doll’s work then make sure to check it out. Lots of good stuff there.

Angel here. Thank you for answering my question! I’m trying your suggestion starting today. To give myself extra incentive, I’m going to listen to ViVe Hypnosis’ The Challenge. It’s a denial hypno that makes me only one who can’t make me cum. Unlike Cal’s Curse, humiliation isn’t a central theme and there are safeties so I feel safe submitting to its effect. I’ll have to rely on my boyfriend to orgasm- all the more reason to get used to new edging techniques. Hopefully I’ll send an update soon.

Cool, thanks Angel, I hadn’t seen that one before. I’ll post a link to it as a following post using the Audio function and we’ll see if people enjoy! Sounds like a good alternative to Cal’s Curse!

You asked for it, so here it is. With some help from you lovely followers I tracked down some alternative recordings of the infamous Cal’s Curse hypno audio.

This famous erotic hypno track will ‘curse’ you so that you will not be able to orgasm without permission – yes, it can really work. Not for everyone, but for the highly suggestible just one or two listens can be enough.
For others it will take repeated sessions, each taking you deeper and deeper until you realise it’s worked, and you’re unable to climax without permission.
But it also has highly submissive overtones, and even asking will make you feel submissive and humiliated, and hopefully turned on. Designed for someone who wants to be a better submissive, whether or not they have a Dom(me).

Instructions for use:
1. Find somewhere where you feel safe and comfortable
2. Ideally the audio should be listened to while naked, a good alternative is dressing in something that makes you feel sexy
3. Begin the audio and start to gently touch yourself, take your time with your breasts before moving to between your legs. Use fingers or a vibrator, but try to vary it
4. Take yourself to the edge of orgasm and stay there while listening to the audio. You are not to cum. If you struggle with this then do a ‘soft edge’ where you do not take yourself as close to climax. It is very important not to cum in order for this to have the full effect.
5. Listen at least once in a session but if you have time repeat the experience until you’re fully in ‘edge space’

Give feedback on the impact at female-orgasm-denial.tumblr.com/ask

Alternative ideas:

Once the file has embedded and is working you can ‘top up the effects’ in more adventurous ways such as:

  • Listening secretly to it in public – you are not allowed panties and a dress is preferred to enhance the experience
  • Edging to it somewhere public like a public restroom or changing area
  • Listen to it with friends (search for Denial Buddies on Tumblr)

How to reverse the effects:

You’ll have to search through this blog to find out…

Permission is not easily given. This was your choice. Cumming is good, not cumming is better.

Be careful what you wish for…

Original source unknown (but probably someone called Cal…)

JuNO the 5th Ruined Orgasm


Today’s task was a ruined orgasm. I was worried it might give me problems going to sleep if I did it when I got home so I did it this morning. Here’s a voice recording of it with a surprise at the end. I leave it as a surprise since it was a surprise to me too.


Fucking horny again after I put my jiggle balls in. Wish I could go to work naked and suck cock instead of listen to complaints all day.

Wow, now with AUDIO?! I think that’s a first, fabulous!

That is ridiculously hot.