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Hi James! First, I just have to say that I am in love with your blog. Not only is it incredibly arousing, but you are so genuine and truly knowledgeable about this topic. I just wanted to tell you that! I’m also curious—and by no means do you have to answer this if it’s too personal—but I am curious about the relationship that you and your wife have. Is she also interested in denial? What is your sex life like? Sincerely, Carrie

Hi Carrie, not too personal at all! She’s the one who really got me exploring […]

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I know this is likely not the way you meant it, but your definition of no longer being a virgin only once you have a penis in your vagina doesn’t really allow for the loss of virginity in same sex couples. I personally think you’re no longer a virgin once you’ve had a mutually consensual and satisfying sexual experience with someone else. But I think that virginity is something that you have to define for yourself since there’s so much debate about what does or doesn’t qualify as losing it

Did… did you actually read the rest of the post before you sent me this? […]

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Hello there! I found your tumblr just yesterday and the denial thing got me so interested I decided to give it a go. After a little bit of reading I opted for 4 edges a day, to see how and if I’m even going to like it. Not gonna lie, I’ve never been the disciplined one, so that’s quite challenging :) Do you think spinning the Wheel Of Denial between the edges is a good idea for a beginner? I was thinking it could spice things up a little bit. ~Butterfly

Hi Butterfly! Hmm, I think four edges is probably quite enough to keep you busy. […]