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James, I was never into anal until I started browsing your blog. I got curious about it and ordered one of those starter sets of plugs. That was six months ago. Today I was edging my ass and I actually started dripping because it felt so good. Thank you for showing me the wonders of anal.

Great work, it’s quite the revelation isn’t it. It’s not for everyone, but you’ll never know until you try!


The vibrator will stay in her ass until she completes the level.

She can’t play very well with a vibrator in her ass. The longer it stays, the more distracted she gets.

She will keep trying, over and over and over, as the vibrator keeps up its relentless buzzing. Close enough to her ravenous pussy to drive her insane, too far to give her any relief.

Failing to complete the level will mean another week of denial.

She will keep trying all evening, as long as he lets her.

Two more hours before bedtime.

This might be my new favourite caption by @hornydeniedgirl

My god, that gif…

JAMES! I just had 2 fingers almost all the way up my ass, can I cum?

I think you might have reblogged pretty much every post I’ve made in the last couple of years too, which is flattering.

But it also must mean you’re a huge denial slut, in which case the answer your’e going to obviously want to hear is, ‘No, you can’t’.

Good girl.

Keep trying.


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hi james, i need some advice! i recently started experimenting with anal, wearing a small buttplug, which i enjoy greatly! (i have never gotten closer to cumming so fast like when wearing it and playing with my clit). but wearing it makes other penetration extremely uncomfortable, even borderline painful. do you have any tips to help with that? or am i just doomed to never be fully stuffed?

Okay, good question. So let’s just have a sideways look at what’s going on here:

There’s only a very thin gap between your vagina and your rectum, so when you fill your butt, it pushes everything even tighter. The key to it being more comfortable (it will ALWAYS have the potential to be quite ‘pinchy’) is the exact shape of your toys. 

A butt plug is designed with a bulge so it stays in, but that also pushes it against your vagina. You’ll probably be much better off with two dildos (don’t mix them up) as they’ll not cause such a squash inside. 

Just remember, anything going in your bottom MUST have a wide flange at the bottom so it can’t slip up and not come back out. The silicone dildo I recommend on my toys page is actually great for anal play, so maybe try that:


But any dildo that can go into a strap on harness will also have that wide base that’s so important.


My Week

I have well and truly broken my last denial record of 8 days. I’m currently in the midst of Day 23 and this is by far the most frustrated I have ever been. I can’t keep my panties dry for less then 2 minutes. I can actually feel my pussy ache when I’m laying still. I go to sleep horny. I wake up more desperate then the day before. I can’t think straight.

Well, that’s not true. Sir says I am thinking the way a fucktoy should. About how permanently leaking I am, the next thing I can do to please Sir and when I’ll next be able to touch my swollen clit or have his cock inside me. I have become a very thankful toy indeed.


Sir seems to know when I am at my most vulnerable. He pushed me so hard. He worked me up so much then made me choose a number of days and beg for the denial. Now this is not anything new and he knows how begging for my own denial drives me fucking crazy. But every time I would suggest a number of days, it wouldn’t be good enough and he’d make me beg for more until I was begging for 178 days. No more orgasms in 2018. He teased mercilessly about already having my last orgasm this year. I begged and pleaded for one more but he was firm. I cried. I stained my sheets with tears and and my leaking pussy and he made me show him so that he could cum.


Sir has brought me around to the idea of buying and spending time in a cage. A comfy home for a fuckpet like me to feel safe and edge inside. He’s made me mark the size out in my room and I can’t wait to buy one.


I am officially an anal slut. Sir took my anal virginity. Fuck that’s hot. Sir has been slowly training me with a set of bejeweled butt plugs. Wearing them at home and in public, getting me used to having my ass filled. He tried to take it on Friday but I was fighting him too much on it. I was terrified. On Saturday I was in a better frame of mine and I fucked a dildo with my no longer virgin asshole. It turned me on. So.Fucking.Much. I never wanted to cum so badly in my life. The knowledge that I had a cock in my ass was just too much. I thought for sure for Sir would allow me to cum. I had pushed myself so much that day, I thought I had pleased him but still he denied me permission.


I couldn’t think about anything else then cumming. It consumed my every thought. The dildo in my ass was driving me to heights if never been before. I was out of my skin with the frantic need to cum. I wanted to cum on the cock in my ass, just like an anal whore does. But he kept denying me. So I begged Sir to ruin my orgasm. I don’t know why I did it. I thoroughly regret it now because he granted me permission and now my need is increased 10 fold and I am suffering.

What a week…

Hey this may be embarrassing for you to answer but it is just as bad to ask. So my boyfriend and I have been having anal sex for 8 months now and we have had no problems until as of recent I’ve been accidentally shitting on his dick. I don’t feel it happening until I feel the outcome if that makes any sense.i know it’s gross but of course I have no idea what to do. We have been denying my orgasms since day one.

It’s not embarrassing at all. It’s a bit gross but so are lots of things in life we have to deal with, so yeah, it’s great you asked!

So, the fact you’re getting poo on his cock all of a sudden might indicate you’ve loosened up your anal sphincters a bit too much by doing a LOT of anal. However if you’re not noticing any problems beside sex then I wouldn’t think it’s a big issue. Maybe just ease up a bit on how much you’re doing it and see if it makes a difference.

But besides that, you need to explore a better washing out regime. Most find that a simple little anal bulb douche two or three times an hour or so before sex will rinse out anything near your butt and leave you good to go.

There’s other options too, but I won’t go into detail, here’s a good write up: https://thebiggayreview.com/anal-douche-guide/ – any of those will help, just by washing out any poo that’s near enough to cause problems. But note you don’t want to go too far with it as then it becomes a ‘colonic’ and washes out MORE stuff from your lower intestine, so doesn’t help at all.

So, I hope that helps. Some find the whole douching and enema experience REALLY hot btw, so see if it’s a turn on for you or just a practical aid to keeping anal sex as squeaky clean as anything shoved up a butthole can manage to be!

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I’ve gotten kinda bored just edging my clit lately. So on a whim, I tried my first anal only edging session today. I was pretty horny already and my clit was nice and swollen, but I wasn’t all that wet. So, I fucked my ass super slowly with a thick dildo while ignoring my clit and my pussy. It made my pussy clench and drip like nothing else I’ve ever tried. I’ve never felt so denied. I’m still dripping as I write this, daydreaming about doing it again tonight. I think I may be addicted. 🙊

Oh my, that is a slippery slope. Well, as long as you use enough lube anyway.

Congratulations on discovering your inner anal slut! Good work.

Hi James, So I’m a lesbian, and I think I’m interested in anal play (maybe I’m spending too much time on your blog lol). I fingered myself today for the first time (carefully as I have long nails), and it didn’t feel amazing but it also wasn’t bad. Do you have any advice for getting into anal, especially since I don’t mess with penises? I looked through your anal training tag and I didn’t see anything for anyone super new to anal. (Sorry or this is long or annoying!)

It’s a great question, and I’m sure I’ve written various bits on it and I will be for JuNO too I’m sure but let’s do a few quick pointers.

  1. Firstly, the easiest and most pleasurable part of anal is just playing at the entrance. The outside and first half inch of your bottom is where most of the nerve endings are. One of the best games is simply masturbating your clit with one hand and your asshole with the other (great shower task).
  2. A big part of the fun of anal is how naughty it feels – so make the most of that, think about being a lesbian anal slut, imagine it was all you were allowed, imagine being put on anal only by some denial bitch – there you go…
  3. If you’re exploring deeper penetration use a safe toy that has a wide base so it can’t slip inside, and use LOTS of lube, I mean LOTS, not spit, not water, proper slippery lubricant. It makes a world of difference.
  4. Try a butt plug – again, while it can feel kind of nice, the MAIN point of it is the mind fuck of ‘oh my god I have a toy in my asshole’

My favourite plugs are listed here edging.space/toys They have a little ball inside that rolls around as you move. So hot.

Do you recommend cleaning before anal sex? What if it’s just spontaneous?


Everyone’s bodies are different and each person has different concerns, so it can be hard to answer this objectively for everyone. Most people want to enjoy clean anal without a mess, but there are different ways of achieving this. In most cases, with a balanced diet that has enough dietary fiber and not too much fat, simply using the bathroom beforehand is enough. The rectum, where sex generally takes place, doesn’t tend to remain full except for right when you feel the need to go to the toilet. Inserting a plug or dildo right before sex can be an easy way to quickly check and make sure, too.

If you want to really ensure cleanliness more, you can clean out before having sex. But this doesn’t need to be a big ordeal—certainly not a full deep enema every time, just use a small enema bulb/anal douche with a small amount of warm water to flush out the rectum several times in a row. That’s it, unless you’re doing big toy/depth play, you don’t need to do more than that, and using too much water and getting it deeper into the colon past the rectum usually ends up making things messier (unless you commit to a full, deep enema) rather than being helpful.

With experience, you can usually just go to the bathroom first and make sure or be able to tell by listening to your body whether you’re likely clean and ready for sex. With a regular digestive routine, you can usually tell when is and isn’t a good time. Some people choose to use a light enema/douching right after going to the bathroom each day so they’re ready for the rest of the day assuming a regular routine.

Good answer.