Blog Post, Female Orgasm Denial

I’m LOVING JuNO so far! I did succumb so my desires once BUT it’s my first time doing anything denial related so I’m using it as a learning tool. Defiantly discovering how much I love being denied ANYWAYS I promise I do have a question do you or any of your followers have any advice for overcoming the clouded judgment and haze while being conditioned for denial? I have a pretty mentally strenuous job and I’m finding it hard to concentrate while getting used to being denied. Thank you!!!

So firstly before we look at your question, let’s just highlight the fact you ‘succumbing to […]

Blog Post, Female Orgasm Denial

Hello James I just want to say first that I love your blog because it has made me realize that in the years I’ve been masturbating I have maybe had 5 true orgasms that weren’t ruins of course until your blog I never realized that they were ruins but considering 2 out of those 5 were from me fucking my ass with a dildo I guess that would certainly qualify me as an anal slut.

‘40% of my orgasms have been from my ass being fucked’ Now THAT is a […]

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So um this is kind of embarrassing for me I am a complete and utter virgin, but one day i was playing and being a good denial slut decided to let off my dripping pussy and thanks to the video i was watching thought I would try to play with my ass it was the first time I have ever even touched back there but instead of taking me away from the edge I came soo hard I was kind if horrified afterwards and I’m not sure how to feel about it -LW

It’s brilliant, well done for being so open to try new things and I’m so […]