Dear Doctor McExpert, I assume you’re referring to the extraordinary repost I made about the solid scientific evidence that swallowing cum does EXACTLY that

Either you read it, and are really dumb (the biology of it is ‘impossible’ – you’re an immunologist I assume?), or you just read the first part and not the rest, and are lazily jumping to conclusions.

It’s clearly stating that studies found that women who swallowed their partner’s semen had lowered chances of pre-eclampsia and miscarriage due to the positive impact on their immune system. Another article also posits it prevents morning sickness but that hasn’t been studied in the same way.

Just to state the bleeding obvious, it’s NOT saying that you can get pregnant by swallowing cum, if you think that is what it was about, well I don’t even know what to say, that’s not what the post was about, at all. But women who are struggling to get pregnant may help prepare their bodies for it by swallowing their partner’s cum. (Amazing) Fact.

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