I’m sure St Patrick would approve…

So, any excuse for a sex toy sale is a good excuse in my books. And actually, on the Lovehoney US site, there are some brilliant offers on this.

On top of which I’ve got these extra affiliate discounts:

Lovehoney US:
Save 15% when you spend $60 (Code 

AFFUS15YAY in case you need it)

Lovehoney UK
£10 off when you spend £60 and free delivery

Lovehoney EU
Save 15% when you spend 50E

Not all the sites offer St Patrick’s Day offers, but they all have some kind of 30% deals on toys at least. Anyway, here’s my favourites from the US site:

Lovehoney US St Patrick’s Day Offers

(You seem to get a free bullet vibe with all the below!)

This completely brilliant Unicorn Magic Wand vibe:

Reduced from $120 to $50 and that’s without the extra reduction!

The clever thing is the head comes off and it’s just a standard magic vibe for $43! Oh and you get a free bullet vibe with it too!

So the other thing I’d recommend is this dildo and strap on. It’s half price at $20 and comes with my favourite dildo for most tasks, and is cheaper than the dildo alone, but comes with a good strap on harness too! Great for all kinds of play or just for keeping in the cupboard until you want to try it sometimes, as the dildo alone is brilliant:

Lovehoney 7inch silicone dildo and strap on harness

And lastly this remote control vibe looks good too, imagine the fun you can have with that secretly vibing your g-spot…

Lovehoney remote control Love Egg vibe

I hope you find some bargains. I assume this is just for today? Although most of the Lovehoney sites have at least 30% what looks like a similar set of toys.

Let us know in the notes if you find any other bargains!


I just noticed this is still on, I guess they’re running the big discounts over the whole weekend.

So here’s a few other great deals.

If you’ve fancied glass dildos then these two for $20 is an amazing price (that’s for both of them!) and don’t forget to use the extra discount link above for 15% off on top of that.

If you don’t have a vibe then this bullet vibe has 80% off, just $5 – it isn’t rechargeable but just buy some good rechargeable AAA batteries and you’re golden!

And lastly, I’m just going to leave this here:

(down to $20, but I guess that’s only today…so giddy-up!)

Lovehoney US St Patrick’s Day Offers

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