You’d have thought that a private boarding school for girls that explicitly sexualised and mistreated their pupils would have never been popular enough to survive. However the reverse was true, demand could not have been higher.

The reality was that many rich parents who’d put their spoilt daughters through the best schools in the country found them graduating with poor grades, but much worse, a complete lack of discipline or self control. Some of course, didn’t care, but for those loving parents who wanted their daughters to succeed and achieve they knew that self awareness, desire and discipline were the cornerstone on which successful careers and relationships must be built.

And so, at 18 a new opportunity presented itself. Those same girls could be put into a much stricter and disciplined environment than would have been permitted at an earlier age. An environment where both carrot and stick were used liberally to reset those young women’s rebellious, lazy ways. Where they would be taught the most profound lessons using their own bodies as the most effective mechanism to discover control and discipline, and uncover what they were truly capable of.

Why though, would these girls accede to sign away their freedom? Very simply, in most cases the threat of disinheritance. In fact it was a requirement of entry that all financial support was to be controlled and regulated by the school, and that a notarised promise to both disinherit and expel their daughters from family properties was on record in order for the school to maintain proper control over what were, initially at least, very spoilt and rebellious girls.

It wasn’t the motivation for all though. A few special students had already discovered the power of denial and self control for themselves, and applied simply on their merits – a confirmed orgasm denial of two months minimum was required, along with high achievement in other related areas, to even be considered.


This did however open up places on the academy for those whose parents could not afford the program, as a substantial proportion of the fees went to bursary schemes. 

It’s rumoured many well informed working class families  in the UK imposed strict orgasm denial and monitoring on their daughters just to hope to access one of those bursary places. Few succeeded, but they were valuable lessons learnt nonetheless.

Other bursaries were available for trans girls and the special category of anorgasmic women, who claimed to never have cum. 

The latter were subjected to a two day intense ‘trial’ to make sure they truly were unable to climax. A quarter of those applicants routinely proved to be false, and the rigorous testing caught them out within an hour or two. But the testers liked to carry out another 46 hours or so of stimulation on the rest, just to make sure.

No matter their means of entry, the school’s requirements were hard and unrelenting, but their results were spectacular. The women who emerged, for women they were by then, were not the same as the ill disciplined girls who nervously entered the programme a couple of years before. Indeed, they almost all will go on to be the high achievers of the next generation. So much so that questions are now being asked about whether the academy’s methods should be rolled out on a wider basis.

Here at female orgasm denial we’ve secured some more exclusive behind the scenes insights into this most infamous of educational establishments, and we look forward to bringing you more in the near future!


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