Oh Tina, you glorious girl, thank you, I love submissions like this. You’re not really sorry, and neither should you be. And well done on exploring denial, it really does make those orgasms all the sweeter.

You are officially a ‘denial bitch’ too and it’s a true win-win , girls like you cumming hard, thinking about all the denial sluts aching to feel it, well it makes your orgasms better and their denial even worse. Denial Symbiosis at work.

Be careful though Tina, slipping that ruin in… it’s a sign, the denial slut slide, ruining more, cumming less, and less, and less. One day perhaps you’ll remember when you were a denial bitch, and just edge, over and over, because cumming was good, but not cumming is better.

Are you a Denial Bitch? Tell us how much it turns you on to know there are thousands of girls denying themselves to this blog right now and how it makes your orgasms feel even better.

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