Okay, I wasn’t going to reply to you any more but I’ve finally figured it out.

You’re a secret humiliation fetishist aren’t you! 

How did I not see this before… It’s the only possible reason you could keep smacking yourself into this painful wall of abuse and sending anon messages even when I’d offered to chat privately. Are your fingers buried in your pussy right now as you read this? Naughty girl!

As you rub that aching clit just remember it wasn’t random that I chose to be mean to you, it was because you falsely accused me of supporting an alleged rapist, when in fact the dom in the gif wasn’t even the guy you thought it was. And you just keep coming back, too proud (or horny) to even apologise for your mistake. Doh.

Just a little tip for your future communications with those you’re a fan of… ‘I’m surprised and disappointed you support rapists’ is a really bad way to make an introduction. And you know what they say, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Next time maybe keep it to something lighter and save the false allegations for that all important second conversation.

I thought you might like a bit of variety in your humiliation and Diva begged to reply as she’s getting seriously pissed off with you, so here it is. No cumming while you read it though! No matter how excited being scolded by a ridiculously hot, tall, blonde German teenager gets you. Even though this will be the last reply you get to any more anonymous messages, just keep that edge, no slipping over. Good girl.

Hi Greyface, Diva here. As James told you already, I’m getting seriously pissed off with you. 

First of all I have a question. Why are you sorry for James’ subs?! You have NO idea how amazing it is to have this man as my dom, and you have no idea how hard it is to find a good dom online. And James is more than just good, he’s amazing. I could start to talk about WHY he is amazing, but I think you won’t understand it. You don’t even understand that it’s a GOOD sign if someone won’t just let a fucking greyface say stupid stuff about them. 

And you didn’t stop hiding behind your anonymity, so he was forced to post his answers to his blog. Yes, I know, you could say: “yeah but he could just NOT post them and not show his followers what kind of a person he is”, but that would be sad. As I said, it’s a good sign to be able to defend themselves. 

And everyone is free to leave this blog, nobody is forced to follow him. If you don’t like what he’s doing just go and stop bugging us. But he has over 5000 followers, and that’s for a reason, so just stop being a fucktard. He’s right, and seriously, I don’t get why you still have to send him messages, freaking out about the fact that he’s right and that he’s prepared to prove that. It’s getting ridiculous, you didn’t even say once that you’re sorry to have falsely accusing him of supporting a rapist. Instead you’re getting mad because he won’t just say “yeah, cute girl, it’s okay to insult me, let’s be friends”. And don’t tell me he was the first one to insult you. He wasn’t. 

And, just for your information, you should be glad if James likes you. He’s one of the most amazing men I ever met, apart from my dad (but he’s my dad and he made me, so he has to be awesome). 

Sadly you fucked up. Well, that’s your problem, not mine, but I’ll give you a few tips for your future anyway. I highly recommend you think about them and try to follow them. Tip number 1: Before you accuse someone of something, CHECK IF YOU’RE RIGHT. Tip number 2: If you notice you’re wrong after you accused someone of something, APOLOGISE. Tip number 3: GO. FUCK. YOURSELF.

Gee, calm down Diva… no need to rant <3 Good tips though. And thanks for comparing me to your dad, princess… that never gets old.

Guess which of my subs is the Alpha…

Love to you all, even the whiney ones with humiliation fetishes. But let’s get back to focusing on things that are a bit more fun now, can we please?

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