It makes perfect sense, however the answer is, ‘it depends’.

So much of this depends on the guy, and especially his age. 

When I was a teen I could knock orgasms out one after another without a thought. Now I’m in my 40′s (when the fuck did that happen…) I’m mostly a ‘one and done’, probably to my wife’s relief some days… Although as you can imagine I do try to make the journey to that one something special.

We were doing a medical role play last year and we still managed four or five as part of the ‘medical assessment’ but that was seriously hard work. 

You don’t have to put someone through post orgasm torture to get multiple orgasms though! For men, or women! (I know, I should have let her think that, shut up you’re all evil).

The normal way to do it is simply wait a minute or two and go again. It’s called the refractory period and does vary a bit but using either your hand or you mouth just work hard and fast to get him stiffening up again, that can take a few minutes, and is as much a mental thing as physical, so whispering hot stuff at this point is a huge help ‘I’m going to milk you till your balls are dry’ works.

There will be a point where it just starts to feel good again and off you go. A vibe can work too but I find a well lubed hand or mouth is best. Depending how soft he gets it’s kind of fun playing with a flaccid cock and it can start to feel good very fast, so it’s possible to make him cum before he’s got hard which is really weird, but I like weird.

There are some guys who won’t be able to do this, and some women too, although it’s far more common for women to be able to, and your refractory period tends to be tens of seconds instead of minutes.

But you do NOT have to keep stimulation going after orgasm for anyone – you just do that if you’re mean and want to watch them squirm and shout.

The one meanish fact that helps with men, more than women though, is we tend to be able to do multiples better (I shouldn’t’t be telling you this) if you ruin the orgasm… The incomplete orgasm of a ruin definitely helps the refractory period to be shorter and you to get back to the edge again.

In my experience ruins don’t tend to do the same to women, in fact sometimes they make it harder to get to the edge again because they are such a mind fuck, but for men, yeah, that ruined orgasm can be chained into more than if you were letting him cum properly.

Have fun with that.

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