I was walking down the street today in the morning, and felt very calm. I was messing with myself just a ten minutes ago, rubbing my clit to the edge then denying one orgasm after another for a couple of hours. Helpless, unable to cum, to get a release. I’ve dressed, rubbed myself a little more, went outside, locking the door, and now I suddenly walk feeling warm and fuzzy inside, contemplative and almost fulfilled. How? Why? This doesn’t make any sense to me.

On the other news, my little clit is really-really sore since I was so overzealous with my edging past few days. It’s bright red, hurts when I touch it and I barely feel any stimulation. This doesn’t stop me from trying though. Oh wait, here’s my frustration that I was missing! I usually need just one-two days of having my hands off for it to heal, but… restraining myself is way harder in my current condition. So now I’m trying to get off of mostly sore pain.

Sore clits… testimony to a committed denial slut.
Good girl

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