In this oppressive heat I can hold your hand
Lead you through the pretty flower garden
To the romantic little cabin
Nestled beyond the trees
And we can drink fresh iced lemonade
On the steps at the front
And I can feed you plump berries
And savoury little squares of olive bread
And I can nuzzle your nose
Take again your hand
Lead you inside
Where the heat burns like hell
And there like a brute, strip you naked
Cuff your wrists
Cuff your ankles
Force you down to your knees
And as your lover
Fuck your mouth
Fuck your face
Pull your breasts
Drench your cunt
And discard you
Lain on dry floorboards
Gagged and blindfold
Cuffed and strained and immobile
The hottest day of summer
Your body slewing in it’s own sweat
Hour after hour
While the birds sing their songs
And someone’s mows their lawn somewhere
And the subtle scent of a distant cigar
Reminds you that I am close
That I will return
And that I am chilling and making my plans
And the thought is making you smile inside
That I am smoking the cigars that you bought me

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