In his office
Behind a locked door
That she had locked
Flooded quickly by waves of her deepest sensualities
Rubbing her ass slowly against the wall
Locking his eyes on her
Freeing her limbs and fingers
To travel where her arousal led them
Her mouth unmistakeably wet
His eyes not stopping her
As she stripped
And dropped to her knees
And crawled
Edging forward
Fingers dipping inside her panties
Fingers dragging her clit
And onto her back
At the foot of his chair
Knees raised high and wide
Under eyes gazing down
Her hand pouting her breasts
Her hand straining her panties
Her fingers
Just pulling out before she came
For she would use that added hunger within the hour
The rehearsal was perfect
When she did it for real
She knew
She could not be thrown out

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