now that the arousal is back, my imagination is going wild. and i need to write some of these down, plus i’m sure you all will enjoy reading them ?

  • my cum date being pushed back bit by bit, making me constantly on the edge (no pun intended) waiting, waiting for sweet sweet release
  • being told i can cum, and at the last second, the orgasm is ruined
  • being tied down and brought to the edge and back down for hours, just teased more than i ever thought i could handle
  • being teased/touched in public, discreetly
  • being teased/touched in public, not so discreetly
  • being tied down and, after brought to the edge so many times, finally having a (ruined) orgasm, edged some more, then released
  • wearing a butterfly vibe in public
  • being touched as i’m going to sleep
  • being touched in my sleep
  • woken up by being touched, edged, then being told to go back to sleep

I recommend any girl should experience this some day. (And preferably all on the same day..)

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