Here’s the Ana and Elsa post

Let me think about that for a microseco… 


YES, yes  I would.

I have had a few ‘denial buddies’ I’ve helped in the past, before I actually coined the term. But somewhat ironically haven’t since. Even if it’s simple little starter ideas like running a game of truth or dare, where I ask the questions, and set the dares (ran that with a group of five once, it was a memorable evening) or giving you both tasks, pitting you against each other (always fun) or just encouraging you and your buddy.

Hold on, I’m feeling inspired

As I see the impact this blog is having, none of which I ever dreamed of when I started it, I do start to ponder loftier objectives than just keeping you lot wet and horny.

The idea of sharing and spreading this wonderful kink, and the body and sex positive message that is so integral to it excites me; of seeing a generation of women empowered to love and pleasure themselves, and to not be ashamed of embracing their powerful sexuality. The thought of edging and denial becoming a mainstream idea, where female masturbation and arousal is just as acceptable to talk about as it is for guys. What heavenly dreams.

And while that’s amazing on an individual basis, what brings it true power is when it’s shared. Which is why having denial buddies has gone from a hot fantasy to a real opportunity in my mind. If we want edging and denial to go viral, we have to be prepared to spread it.

And I’m not saying it has to be like the two examples posted today, where you actually get physical. It can be just as effective having a BFF you openly talk to about edging, who you have fun sharing fantasies with and perhaps agree to not cum like the #nonutnovember thing from yesterday.

Maybe I’m crazy, and we should just leave this as a little niche kink, minding our own business. But screw that, we just hit a million visitors to this site, we can do this (or at the very least have fun trying!).

Who’s with me?


But, you’ve got to take the first step

Anyway, asides from that impromptu speech on world denialation, yes dear Anons, I’d love to help. But, you’re anons. You’ve got to, I was going to say reach out and touch somebody but you’re already doing that… you’ve got to actually make contact!

So if you, or any denial buddies would like my input then just message me on here, or email me at and we can see if we ‘click’. I get a lot of requests to deny people, but you’d definitely be top of the list. And if we get enough buddies contacting me, we could even create a little community of you, in fact I can assure you you’d get priority joining the online Denial Academy I’m still working on putting together.

When they ask you where the Edging Revolution began, you can say,
IT STARTED RIGHT HERE and I was there!

Be part of the revolution, follow this blog today!

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