Last month I set a twisted three day mind fuck task and here’s a lovely account of a good little denial slut who followed it through most satisfactorily.

I’d let her cum as a reward but she was dumb enough to listen to Cal’s Curse and now she can’t, poor thing.


I’ve accepted the challenge of orgasm denial for three days where I am only allowed to edge if I watch a full screen porn of a facial compilation. I am to edge three times or more to this vid and I’ve just completed the first one. I needed to type this out because I need to keep my fingers off my useless dripping cunt.

Shit I am horny and trembling, I can feel my clit twitching as it is denied and I’ll know I have to watch again soon so I don’t break the rules.

I feel like a dumb piece of meat and seeing those women in the porn made me unbelievably jealous of them. I wanted what they had as I edged. At first I just wanted to feel a hot load on my face but as the video went on my mind quickly changed that to multiple men drowning me in their cum. Later on even that wasn’t enough and right now I’m fantasizing of being on my knees, warm throbbing cocks rubbed all over my face to humiliate me. I’m begging for their hot loads like a cum starved cunt.

And that was just the first day. ??

Edge 2

I’m a fucking desperate mess already. I have to reach these edges very close together since I’m off to work in a bit (oh how interesting that’ll be).I keep eyeing the timer on the video while I rub my hungry cunt to the edge over and over again. Sometimes my clit is just too sensitive to touch. I watch that count down with mixed feelings. I want it to hurry up so I can stop touching myself and not risk cumming. But at the same time I also know this will be the only time I do get to touch so I don’t want it to end. By the time it entered the last two minutes I was desperate, babbling along like a good cockslut to receive a hot load on my face while my cunt twitched emptily. Hmm seems like my breeding fantasies are never far at bay.

Day 2

I woke up unbelievably horny, contemplating to skip the first class so I could edge and touch my dripping cunt. I could feel my clit rubbing against my panties and it only got me wetter. After battling through classes, trying not to look to brain dead because all my focus was on my pussy.I rushed home and got out my dildo like the second assignment said, kneeled in front of the mirror and worshiped the fake cock while the video played in front of me. I’ve never been so happy with a suction cup toy as I gagged on it while edging my clit. Quickly enough I had to play with my breasts or finger my pussy because touching my clit would surely send me over the edge. And it only got worse as I completed the other edges.

Now I’m done and shaking, trying to distract my cunt with some Tumblr (it’s not going well, I may have to return to my dildo and porn) as my poor clit throbs.
I want to cum so badly but there’s also some mental struggle that I’m developing with it. Even if I didn’t get punished for cumming or I wouldn’t have to ruin it, I’m not sure I would. I’m fascinated by the way my body feels, the way I almost want to rub myself against everything and most of all the way my cunt twitches. How red my clit is. And that would all go away if I cum.Oh the torture

Day 3

Last day of my edges I was so, and still am, so horny the edges came very close together. My cunt was soaked and I suck and gag on the toy, imagining real cocks rubbing over my face, smearing my lipstick and humiliating me.

I force the cock down my throat like I’m getting my face fucked, like I’m just a hole for pleasure. In my fantasies that’s all I am in the end. A hole on her knees to receive dicks down her throat until they blow their loads on her face and tits.Although I’m allowed to have an orgasm, my mind is blocking me, telling me cunts have no need to feel pleasure. Instead I clamped my tits and let the cum drip down my chin, taking pictures like a proud edging slut.

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