So the post from someone objecting to the prison ‘rape’ prompted me to write this, because I totally get that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but God damn, for some of us it is insanely hot. And the thing is that I’ve always felt pretty ashamed of feeling like that because surely that’s wrong?! And views like that of anon, while I can understand them, don’t help. So I guess I’m just trying to say thanks for alleviating just a bit of that guilt with your response – I didn’t realise I needed that until I read it. 

Anyway, shame or no shame I just edged* in the shower to the fantasy of my doctor conducting a slightly over thorough vaginal examination when I tell him I’ve never been able to orgasm. I have a massive medical kink on top of the non-con kink. (*Okay, it made me cum but it was accidental and I ruined it. That makes it a bit better, right?)

I think I’m rambling so I’ll stop bothering you now…

Hi Carrie, thank you, you expressed it beautifully and while I’m sure i’ll fuck it up sometimes I’ll do my best to walk the fine line between what’s hot and what’s not.

*slips on medical gloves with a ‘thwack’ 

Now,  I hear Dr Seebrooke said your response to stimulus was something that just had to be seen. Be a good girl and spread wide for me… 

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