Well ‘no touch’ works very differently for different people. This is the main difference between chastity play and orgasm denial. For women particularly, if you’re not edged daily then the sensations often won’t build at all. So my advice would be you need to try edging at least three times a day and see how that effects you. Once your libido is high from that THEN you can explore the torment that is ‘no touch’. It’s only really fun when you don’t want it.

If however, your partner thrives on the no touch experience, make sure she’s the one doing some of your edging. The tease of giving you pleasure while she’s denied touching is super hot and it starts to become the case that she vicariously takes pleasure in you in substitution of her own.

Don’t be strict with the no touch though. Lots of little touches, teasing her nipples, running your fingers over her, and lots and lots of kissing, ideally naked. Just, no masturbation. If that’s enough to keep her wet and horny,make the most of it while she edges you to oblivion!

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