Oh I think your mind already knows, Ash. Your body just has to learn.

Two weeks strict no touch huh, that’ll be interesting! Just let him know that can have mixed results. For some it’ll be hot and sexy and keep you in a really good place. But sometimes strict no touch is only effective for a few days and then, because of the lack of stimulation, your libido goes into a bit of hibernation.

If he doesn’t want that just a few simple things can keep you all horny and positive. One is what you’re doing, mental stimulation, reading blogs, watching porn. But again that varies from person to person.

A little stimulation can go a long way though. So allowing you to hump some furniture can be great, or his leg. My personal favourite is adding some ben-wa/jiggle balls in you. Constant low level stimulation that will drive you crazy.

Butt plugs can have a similar effect for some, and if that’s the case, ‘anal only’ can be a fun alternative to ‘strict no touch’. Click the tag below to find lots more on that.

I hope some of those ‘help’. Let us know how you get on.


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