Okay, let’s roll this back to basics. Forget about blowjobs, forget about sex, and let’s just figure out what makes him cum. To do this you need three things, your hand, some lube and no pressure time together. 

Mutual masturbation, that’s what we’re talking about. You kissing and snuggling and touching each other without any rushing. Lots of lube on his cock, sliding it up and down, playing with it and then – you ask him to show you what he does. Yep, he is the world expert on making that thing cum, so ask him to show you. Now that doesn’t mean you have to do it the same, but 1. it’s fun to watch, and 2 you will learn some stuff. 

Is he nervous about that? Cool ‘Wanna watch me?’ you reply. Hell yes he does! Let him wank while he watches you play, put on a nice little show, but no cumming, not for either of you, yet.

So, once you try that, you take back control and now you’ll find it easier to talk about what feels best. And still, no pressure, just have fun, relax. If it’s still not happening, maybe browse Tumblr together, maybe read this blog, that’d really get you in trouble huh… And ultimately if you can’t make it happen, kneel on the floor, and tell him to cum on your face ‘so you can watch close up’ of course. Congrats, you just became his porn star and everything is great! And with what you’ve learnt, you can try again and soon, if you  haven’t already, you’ll have him cumming like nobody’s business.

Then, simply take the same approach with blowjobs, taking your time and talking about what is best. Look up blowjob tips on Tumblr, there’s some good stuff. But the most important thing to remember is most real blowjobs are VERY hand assisted, they’re more of a wank with the tip in your mouth. So if you’ve got the handjob bit nailed, your mouth sucking and licking the end is just a bonus. You’ll have him there in no time!

I hope that helps!

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