What a lovely image. Thank you.

When you get home I want you to take it nice and slowly. Put on something sexy you like to watch, or read some favourite erotica, Imagine a scale of 0 to 10 where 0 is unaroused and 10 is cumming. Play with yourself, your nipples and your clit until you’re at an 8 on that scale. Very aroused but not right on the edge yet. Then stop playing with your clit and just your nipples for five minutes at least, then, back again and take yourself closer, 8.5, then a break, and again, to 9. At 9, go and take a long hot shower, and gently play with yourself and enjoy your body. No edging, just teasing and enjoying.

Then, back to your room and very carefully take yourself even further, right to the brink of orgasm. But don’t cum… just stay like that, keep your breathing going, don’t let yourself go over, just count slowly to 20 as you stay right on that hard edge. 

And then stop

You’re done for the night.

No more touching below the waist.

Good girl

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