It’s been a while since I had a proper blog post, for the simple reason that this is a denial blog, and I haven’t been denying myself.  After being denied for all of January, all of March, and most of April, I’ve quite enjoyed cumming whenever I wanted to.

But, as is always the way with me, frequent orgasms drained my libido, until I was going days or a week without getting off, not because I wasn’t allowing myself to, but just because I wasn’t interested.  It was time to stop cumming and start edging again.

I don’t remember when my last orgasm was… somewhere around ten days ago.  I wasn’t intending on being denied long-term, so didn’t feel the need to really count.  The first few days were easy, of course… it’s hard to count it as ‘denial’ when you’re just not interested.  Might as well say that I’m denying myself a trip to Syria.  But, about a week ago, I started back in with some wonderful, long edging sessions… sixty, ninety minutes of slippery self-love… just delightful.  I’m far from throbbing and desperate, but my libido is certainly flaring back up.  I’ve been wonderfully horny again of late.

And then @jessy-dev went and asked me if I was joining the June denial party.  I hadn’t been planning on denying myself for quite so long, but I do so love someone else telling me when I can cum, so I could hardly pass it up.  Time to fire up the ol’ denial blog once again…

Horniness loves company, welcome to Juno!

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