It was like I came but I couldn’t get it all out. And that is how it has been for the last month. So I’m asking you James if I could please cum. You know. For science. Dolly xx

Well a month is very impressive. But if we’re doing this ‘for science’ as you requested, we do need this to be a bit more rigorous.

So no, Dolly, you do not have permission to cum.

I want three days with at least three edges each. You’re to record how you feel, arousal, physical and mental effects, and your need to orgasm on a scale of 1 to 10.

The next three days I want three edges a day again, but on the last edge of the day, you’re to take yourself over the edge, but ‘ruin’ it as you find described regularly on this blog. Again, record the effects.

One week from today, you are to attempt a full orgasm, but without permission to cum, take yourself over, keep rubbing. Record the impact on your arousal, and do that again for the next two days, only one ‘orgasm’ a day.

Finally, in 9 days, you can write to me again with the above research included, and I’ll give you permission to cum. And we’ll see what difference that makes.

You know, for science…

I look forward to the results!

James – finding any possible excuse to deny you

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