Firstly, a great idea, it can help if you’re really desperate for it. It’s not the ultimate solution to the fact your bf hasn’t learnt to make you cum yet, but we’ll come back to that and talk about denial first.

So, my first tip would be let him know you’re doing this! Don’t, however, say anything about it being because you hope it’ll help him make you cum. Just tell him, ‘hey I thought it’d be hot if I play with myself and get really horny but don’t cum till we’re together!’ Maybe he’d like to do the same, that can be very hot.

If this is your first time with denial just don’t do it too intensively. You can over do it and wear yourself out a bit. And if you go over by accident, don’t worry about it, you’re just learning. You’ll be super horny from it all anyway. Even if it’s just 24 hours of edging and not cumming beforehand you will be going crazy for it.

Okay, so the second issue is your boyfriend figuring out how to make you cum!

There’s all kinds of reasons this might be.If you’re expecting it to happen just from sex, prepare to be disappointed. The majority of women (at least two thirds) NEVER cum from JUST fucking and even if you can, it takes time to master. So, the answer lies in him playing with your clit, with his fingers and his mouth. If he’s not done the latter send him away to read up on it before you meet – that’s his homework!

Lots of good stuff here:

However, to make it happen when you get together, the best way to do this is ‘mutual masturbation’. That’s the fancy term for playing with yourselves and each other, a lot! The important bit of this is YOU getting yourself close, and allowing him to help, kissing, touching, seeing what you do. This isn’t about sitting back and watching. It’s about making love, but with your hands and mouths. And if you get yourself close, and he learns how to touch you the way you like it, you’re going to have that first orgasm with him.

One rule. You cum first. (Boys, always a brilliant rule if you want to be a good lover). You play and tease him but that’s the game, he has to make you cum from learning how you do it, before he gets his rocks off. (and if he makes you cum more than once he gets bonus points).

Of course you do the same to him, but make him do it and you learn from how he touches himself, you’ll be surprised how different it might be.

I hope that helps! Whatever happens, have fun and enjoy each other.

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