Congrats!! Vibes are so awesome. I do indeed have a few suggestions:

You are allowed to touch everything on your body with it, apart from your clit. I never tried this one (and don’t intend to, JAMES!) but I’m sure it’ll drive you insane. Try this rule for a whole day. 

You are only allowed to use it through at least 2 layers of clothing (Try this also for a whole day)

Try slipping it in you and leaving it there for a while. You can only grind (if the vibe is small enough to be completely in your pussy. Your pussy is designed to push stuff out, so it’s completely okay to let the vibe disappear in you. Oh and if you’re really wet you should make sure that the vibe is waterproof). No touching below the waist!! A crotch rope or a tight pair of panties can help keeping it in.

Play with it on your nipples, it might feel surprisingly good! Don’t worry if it doesn’t, everyone is wired differently.

Run it around your asshole, and push the tip in a little if you want to. Just be careful, as things can disappear in your ass, and if you don’t want a very embarrassing trip to the doctor don’t push the vibe in completely. 

Now it depends what kind of vibe you own, this idea tends to work excellent with hitachis. Tie a rope around it and hang it from the ceiling (or a table, you can work it out) so that it hangs about 30 cm above the floor. Then lie under it, turn it on and try to grind your clit against it. Super frustrating! The longer the rope is the more frustrating it gets, as it can swing away easier. Oh and if that wasn’t clear, no hands allowed. 

We can change this idea a bit, so it works with other kinds of vibes too. Turn the vibe on and put it on your bed. Now put your arms behind your back and try to grind your clit against the vibe. This might work well too. 

Lie on your back, turn the vibe on and lay it on your mound and clit (you have to push your hips a bit in the air for it to be able to stay on your clit). Now take your hands away and try to balance it on your mound. If it falls down you’re done for now and on no touch for one hour, then you can try again. 

I hope you like those suggestions, if anyone has more, send them in!

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