Wow, that’s really not the kind of question I expected… I thought you’d make me confess some depraved things! But this question is great, and it’s definitely really interesting to think about the answer.

Well, and the answer is: I want to have sex. I don’t know if it’s just the denial which makes me desperate, but I think it’s different from just being desperate. I learned so much from you…

Before I became your sub sex wasn’t important, or interesting for me. I masturbated sometimes, but it was always a boring rub-my-clit-till-I-cum. But I never craved sex, I think I just was too shy to explore that part in my mind. I just thought it would just happen one day with the right man. And I guess I don’t have to point out that you changed that, a lot.

One of the main things I learnt from you is to be open to try new things. Who’d have thought that I love going out pantyless for example (okay, that was a bit of a confession. Plus I only like it sometimes, so you just have to read my mind. But you’re good at that anyway). Or, as another example, I’m really surprised at how much I love camming now. I didn’t like the thought of being watched for a long time, but I love the intimacy of it, and how connected I feel to you. Plus it’s so easy for you to tell me what to do, because you can just see what I am doing and I don’t have to tell you. After all, typing while being on the edge is a hard thing…

Anyway, what was I saying? Ah yes, trying new things. I’m actually really excited when I imagine what I can do and try in the bedroom. I want to know everything, and learn everything, and try a lot. And I think my time with you prepared me for making my first time great! I am definitely ready for it, but I don’t want to rush anything. It will happen, with the right man, to the right time. And I will be happy.

And of course there is a second answer, a denial answer to this ask. I’m currently denied and of course always horny and desperate. So I want to be fucked senseless until I cry from pleasure, I want to ride a cock until he cums inside me, I want to be a fucktoy and a whore. My pussy clenches when I just think of sex. If someone could read my thoughts they’d never assume that I could be a virgin. They’d just see the desperate and cock hungry slut… But, you know that part of me anyway, so lets keep that secret. I’m a good girl after all. Your good girl!

Yes, I am actually starting to respond with Asks to those reblogs! Here’s Diva’s.

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