Well that’s the perfect panty stuffing experience, so good work! Two other twists on stuffing can be, to do it overnight, and either in combination with that, or just after you’ve stuffed yourself while edging – to wear them afterwards. Definitely one for those who get turned on by ‘nasty’ stuff.

Another option is more than one pair, see how many you can handle!

The trick is to push deep, from the start. If you let them all bunch up right at the entrance then you won’t get much in.

Personally I think it’s a great little instant kinky option when you suddenly find yourself craving it. Just go to a restroom, slip your panties off, and stuff almost all of them in you. Then just leave a little bit hanging out that will rub on your pussy lips and get you even hornier when you walk around.

Stuff ‘em and stack ‘em

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