So the day before Snowflake had admitted she’d cum for the first time without permission. Of course, as a good little denial slut she ruined it, and had felt appropriate guilty. And after reassuring her it was fine to fail, I then ‘punished’ her, using a leather belt to smack her pussy interspersed with edging. Here’s her reflections on the experience.

Like isn’t a strong enough word. In fact, I think ‘love’ is more appropriate. But please, don’t take this as a personal challenge to make it worse. When you first asked me if I owned a leather belt, I was strangely excited. Pacing around my room muttering ‘oh shit,’ but nevertheless excited. Out of all the punishments I imagined you instructing me to do, this was not one of them.

Then you informed me we would be doing this in a call, and I devolved into full panic mode. At first I simply thought that there was no way I could do something like this – Especially with you whispering orders to me, then listening to the results. I thought you had finally stretched across my line, and I was going to have to tell you that I couldn’t do it (or did we get there with the toothpaste? Fun side note, before calling, I started thinking that I would’ve preferred smearing toothpaste all over my exposed clit. Silly me.) 

But alas, we did call, and I did everything you told me to do. I was pleasantly surprised, as I was really expecting to be quite miserable the entire time. It was such a massive hurdle to overcome. This is the first time that I’ve felt so stretched out of my comfort zone. Yet you were still there, guiding and helping me, not acting like an asshole (thanks for that, seriously.)

It’s astounding. After every day I feel like I’ve grown a bit more. Learned a bit more. Progressed in some way or another. Today was no exception.

Pain for pleasure has always been a major fantasy of mine, but I’ve always been terrified that if I was lucky enough to experience it, I would hate it. Needless to say, it’s a huge relief to discover that I don’t. 

I’m still amazed at all the things you’ve already taught me in such little time. I swear, you’ve done more good in two weeks than 6 years of dating did. It’s also mind blowing to me how much I have come to prefer denial in such a short span of time. When we first started talking, I wanted to be denied, but I REALLY wanted to come. I still want to come – Even now I’m horny, resisting the need to slip my hand into my pants and bring myself to that delicious edge again – But earlier today, I sincerely wanted to hear ‘no’ from you. I’m still torn, as of course, cumming is fucking awesome. However, (as you know by now) I do feel this overwhelming desire to please you…Plus, I want to see what you can do to me. What you can turn me in to.

So, still very excited for what’s to come. Every day I become a little more excited. I fall asleep with fantasies in my head of what you might introduce to me next. It seems you continually surprise and delight me, and that makes me so ecstatic (and horny, obviously.) Okay, and how fast you turn me on now is ridiculous. I’m pretty sure you’re not even trying, so I don’t know why it happens. Like this morning – Maybe a little dirty but nothing extreme, but there I was, dripping into my sweat pants (Because I’m pretty sure I haven’t had underwear on in 48 hours…) Point is, you’re doing things to me that I don’t totally understand, and part of me wonders if it’s a total placebo effect, or if you’re just THAT good. Either way, I love it. These past few days have been heaven (and torture.) What else… Your voice is still the sexiest goddamn thing I’ve ever heard. Haha, was going to say, “I would totally get off to your voice,” but I already do. I’ve been obsessively checking my shipping status. It’s agonizingly slow. I’m not really sure if I’m going to make it until the 14th. :’(

Anyways, off to go edge, because good girls do what they’re told. 😛

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