So, not a very eventful day, but I can’t say I’m all that upset having 24 hours to relax…Though I’ve still been horny, and actually missing it. So in other news, I guess I’ve been noticing some positive subtle mental changes. A little more confident, a little calmer, a little more open. Obviously nothing major, but I’m hoping that will change as time goes on.

Toys. God, when I woke up today, I did not thinking I was going to be buying anything. But, I’m also surprised that I’m so extremely excited for them to get here. I don’t think I’ve been this eager about a package since my PC… Anyways. Admittedly, some of it makes me nervous, and some things you have mentioned make me nervous. Sleeping with a dildo in, (Is that safe!?) walking around stuffed in both holes, that kind of thing. But I feel fairly confident that I’m not going to die – at least not physically – and I’m sure I’ll learn to love/hate all of it. Each day that goes by becomes increasingly more entising. The things that we are getting in to now…They are things that I remember fantasizing about when I was 13, and I never thought that I would actually have the chance to act on it. I keep on wavering between “I’m so lucky” and “I’m so fucked.”

But really, I am so excited for this stuff to get here, because I do want to be your dripping denial slut, and I REALLY can’t wait for all of the things you’re going to have me do. It’s funny, you keep mentioning certain things you’ll have me do, and I have no idea if you’re serious, or if a few weeks, or months down the line, I’m going to be looking back cursing my naiveness. Lol

Also, I guess I started wondering if maybe, just MAYBE, you’ll let me come when all my toys get here. If I can’t…Well, I think I might try to kill you. 😡 If you don’t let me cum the first time I use a vibe, I’m going to be pissed. But maybe I shouldn’t say things like that. Wouldn’t want to jeopardize anything. 😛

No really. Please let me cum. I’ll even do it on cam. 🙁

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