I still don’t know if you’re serious. About a lot of things. I never know if you mean the things you say, or if you’re saying them to turn me on. It’s very confusing. Like, when you told me you couldn’t wait to plug me, and I just brushed it off, thinking that I wouldn’t be doing that for months. Now, a few weeks later…Here I am. If you are serious, I’m just thinking about how fucked that I am that I agreed to it. It’s already been two weeks since I’ve cum, and now you want to add a month to that? I’m torn between being really turned on…And also wondering how absolutely fucked I am. That’s a long time…

It’s still really difficult to try and tell and fantasies, and nearly impossible to tell you the kinkier ones. Besides the fact that it’s embarrassing, I know you’ll make them a reality. As exciting as that is, I’m not quite sure how I would cope with some of it. I’m sure you’ll pry it out of me eventually.

I’m still stupidly horny for most of the day. Going to sleep horny, waking up horny…Sitting around playing video games, soaking through my panties for no apparent reason. It’s a problem that’s probably going to get worse. I guess ‘problem’ is the wrong word…But whatever. One thing I’ve found that has REALLY surprised me…I think I prefer the dildo over the vibrator. I love them both, especially at the same time, but oh my god I think I’m obsessed with the feeling of fucking myself with that dildo. It always hurts a bit at first but then it feels so amazing. It’s to the point where if I start thinking about it, I’ll instantly be horny. I never used to have this issue, so I’m going to blame you for this. Truly turning me into a needy little slut. I didn’t believe you when you first started telling me that, but I sure as hell do now. 🙁

UPDATE: Oh god I just spent the past half an hour fucking myself senseless. At first I was just trying to edge myself but I got so close so fast, and I didn’t want to stop, but I also didn’t want to accidentally slip over again. The only reason why I stopped was because I started getting sore. I’m so horny I don’t know what to do with myself. I didn’t put panties back on, and I can feel myself dripping down my thighs. I want to keep playing with myself but it makes that constant ache even worse. It feels amazing, but there’s no relief. Just on edge, all the time. I’m so wet and desperate right now, but the thought of not cumming for a whole month still turns me on. I don’t know what to do but lay and bed and think about how badly I want to cum, even though I’m not going to. Fun stuff.

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