And for the first time it wasn’t you’re doing. In a grand sense I suppose it is, but lets not make that distinction. Doing ‘that’ with Diva today was fantastic, both while you were there, and after you left. In my opinion, she seemed to do perfectly fine without you there – Well enough to get me soaking wet and ruined (without freaking out afterwards!).

Unfortunately, I pissed her off shortly after we started. She assured me it wasn’t my fault, but I got stuck with the infamous 3:1 pattern anyways. I’ll let her tell you what made her so mad, assuming you haven’t heard about it already. It’s okay, we both already know that I love people being mean to me.

Really though, throughout the entire thing she was great. I had SO much fun. Of course the things she had me do were greatly amusing (and pleasuring…) but even after she ruined me, she was very careful to make sure I was still okay and happy. Even encouraging me to get food. 🙂 So sweet.

I was a bit nervous as first as well…She’s not you. Granted, it’s not like you know me inside and out, but you do know me much better than Diva. Once you were gone, I was nervous about what might happen, but a few minutes in, all that melted away.

It really was quite the strange experience, though. It’s very obvious who she’s been learning from (FYI you’re both tormenting, teasing dicks) but she puts her own spin on things as well. The things she says, and has me do feels familiar, but then she does something I’m not expecting in the slightest and it’s a huge mind fuck. I guess I was just adjusting to your ‘ways’ and now you throw her in and it’s quite the different experience. But, I love that. I love the two different experiences that are offered. How it’s similar, but also strikingly different. It’s amazing how different it actually feels. Obviously she’s not a 40 year old man, and you’re not a …18-19 (? Not really sure, lol) girl. So, at least in my mind, it creates this different atmosphere, and I find I’m enjoying both immensely.

The group chat was pretty kinky…Pretty hot. Let me tell you, that was definitely a first for me. But really, I cannot handle both of you at the same time. >.< WAY too horny. It’s quite rude to gang up on someone like that. Overall, great experience, wonderful day…Really eager to try it again. Still super horny because well….Ruin + plug + no touch (at least until I edge myself tonight via grinding) is driving me NUTS. DID YOU TELL HER TO DO THIS? If you did I’m going to slap you. Either that, or she’s just as intuitive as you are. Or maybe she took a shot in the dark. Either way, I’m going crazy, so I think she did a pretty good job. 🙂

PS: Discovered that wearing a butt plug while having to clean the house with my mom is really naughty in the worst way. 😀

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