Yeah…I got a package. Sadly, the heels aren’t here yet. They’re being shipped by UPS and will be here soon. I hope. So, it must have taken me 2 hours to try all of this on. All the straps. Everywhere. Holes where there shouldn’t be holes. It was such a sexy nightmare. I love all of it, though. There are a few things that don’t fit perfectly, but nothing bad enough to send back. I really wasn’t going to take any pictures tonight, but I’m weak. The maid costume was a total bitch to put on, so if that’s what you were going for, good job.

Talking to Diva today was great. Hopefully she didn’t think I was some huge creep. ^-^ It was a lot easier, and a bit more comfortable. I really do think she could be a great person to talk to. Honestly, I’ve been talking a bit to one of my friends about it (one of the friends who used to receive a LOT of pictures from me…) and while that’s nice, and it’s nice to be able to talk to someone I’m so comfortable with, I have to omit a lot while talking to him. I don’t think he would stop talking to me, but I know he’s not a super ‘kinky’ person, and a lot of what I’m doing right now would come off as weird. So…I guess I am kind of hoping that Diva and I can get along. BUT maybe we won’t and she hates me and I’m still pretty insecure. Sorry. Anyways.

Talking to her a bit more about her whole ‘alpha sub’ thing just reinforced the fantasy, lol. It sounds like such a hot idea, and I would love to try it…And well, if I don’t get to, we’ll both just know that I’m thinking about it. 😛 

When you brought up taping a vibe to my clit and leaving my hands cuffed, I think I died a little on the inside. Did I at some point tell you that was a huge fantasy, or were you just taking a stab in the dark? Either way, I love the idea. However, I’m kind of scared telling you that, as I know you’ll actually have me do it. >.<

Besides that, I guess I’m kind of at a loss now. It’s strange. It’s been what, almost a month? Now I have toys shoved under my bed, and too much lingerie stored in my closet, and all I can think about is what you’re going to have me do next. It’s almost alarming to have everything change so quickly, especially when you’re a person who claims to hate change. But alas, here I am, and I couldn’t be happier. Hm, enjoy the outfits (despite the shit quality of the photos) and maybe I’ll pull out another one tomorrow. ^-^

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