What an interesting day it’s been. Full of firsts, and much to my surprise, they were all amazing. The dildo stuck onto my table was insanely hot. The biggest ‘down side’ was that it was a bit difficult. I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it. Still, it felt amazing, despite the burning ache in my thighs (seriously though I could’ve done that all day). The plug…Boy, do I have a lot of thoughts about this one, though none of them are mixed. 🙂 It was rather peculiar. When you told me to grab it, I didn’t feel the anxiety that usually accompanies new things, especially things that involve my butt. Granted, I wasn’t completely comfortable with the idea, but as a whole, I felt pretty calm. First off, I was very curious, and I’ve definitely been toying with the idea a lot in my head, so I was excited to finally try it. Beyond that, I just felt very trustful of your judgment in that moment. I knew that you weren’t going to ask me to do something that was going to be permanently damaging or something, and it was surprisingly simple to let that thought take me to a very calm state of mind.

Even though I remained calm, I wasn’t expecting to like it. In fact, I was expecting to hate it. It’s not like the crotch rope, where when I run up my stairs I feel like I’m going to come, but it got me so wet. I don’t really understand why. And when I say wet, I mean soaking wet – Alarmingly wet. When I took off my sweatpants it was nearly dripping down to my knees. T_T So, yes, I absolutely loved and adored it, even though I can’t really tell you why. There was also this HUGE relief when it didn’t make me anxious. Because of the anxiety that panty stuffing caused, I was worried a butt plug would do the same…But nope! In fact, I actually kind of miss it. Crave to have it back in me (What have you done to me?! ffs).

The hardest part was the call, though. I was so incredibly turned on, and I wanted to cum SO badly. As hard as it is to admit…The hottest part was when you just stopped paying attention to me. 😡 That stupid 3:1 pattern still going, I’m in complete agony, and all I hear is you typing in the background. I loved it…Wondering just how long you were going to keep me like that. And when you had me slip the vibe inside myself…I’m shocked that I was able to keep it in, as it felt so good I wanted to start screaming. The best part: At no point did I feel like I was going to faint. Though, when I stood up for the first time after fucking that dildo, my legs felt like feathers. All wobbly and shit.

Still curious about trying out the other toys…I’m sure they’ll be well used in no time. Oh, and the lingerie. I am so excited about it. Do I get to wear them under my normal clothes and walk around plugged from now on? No, but really, you talk about me walking around plugged, but if it ALWAYS gets me that wet, I may encounter some issues. Well, you probably don’t think it’s an issue, BUT I DO! Perhaps I should just start wearing 3 pairs of panties instead of none? Finally, I’m so so SO excited for this lingerie. As a bonus, it seems USPS really got their shit together, and it may actually get here on time (I totally bribed them with those stocking pictures). However, I think I should only show you them when I get to cum. So…What was that…Once a month? Of course, this is just to make sure that you fully appreciate each one. What do you think? ^-^

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