Sir’s given me some mean homework for today. He’s going to be out late tonight while I’m home and horny, so he’s given me some rules for me to follow no matter what I’m doing between now and when he gets back:

  • I will wear my collar all day.
  • Between now and 5:00, I can touch (but not cum) as much as I want, but every time I touch I have to put the peppermint oil on my clit first. Sir knows this makes me extra sensitive, and my clit’s already been sensitive all day.
  • Starting at 5:00, I’m going to spin @female-orgasm-denial​‘s Wheel of Denial once an hour.
  • I will report to Sir every time I spin, telling him what I did and how it felt.
  • In between spins, I’m not allowed to touch anywhere on my body, no matter how badly I want to.
  • Since Sir picking tonight means even more spins than it would be normally, I’m probably going to be begging to cum as soon as he walks in the door ??

    This is great stuff, more updates coming!

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