Just hold on, it’ll get better, I promise. Time is the big help, but distraction works too. Throw yourself into a hobby or work friends or edging, or anything else that works.

Remember, we aren’t glass, we can’t really break. We hurt, but we heal. You’re going to heal. It’s going to be okay.

But mostly, it’s about understanding life, happens. And our job is to do the best we can with it. At some point it’ll help to look back and reflect on the things you learnt and are grateful for that you took from the relationship. But not yet, that’ll come naturally.

For now just remember you don’t need anybody else to make you amazing. The only person who should define who you are and how you feel should be yourself. Other people can add to it, but the person we need to learn to love most in the world is ourselves, and from that only good can flow. 

So see it as an opportunity to focus back on you, to decide who you are, to plan who you want to be, and be grateful, for that, and what you’ve learnt, and start, just start, to think positively about the future.

Don’t rush it, don’t go off looking for someone else to numb the pain. The pain is real and you need to work through it. You’ll come out stronger and even more attractive for the person that this last one was just preparing you for.


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