No. Make it three times a day. 

But that’s just the start…

Write to him and tell him what you want him to do to you when he gets home.

Make every call to him naked, pull on your tits and fuck your pussy as he tells you about his day. Don’t tell him what you’re doing though, not unless you can convince him to get his cock out and stroke it for you.

Dress up for him, take pictures that he’ll wank over, edge yourself imagining him showing his colleagues, so proud…

Buy some sex toys. A dildo the same size as him, a vibe to help you edge better and a butt plug, because nothing will get him more excited than you surprising him with, ‘When you get back I want you to fuck me in the ass’.

So no, you can’t cum, not till his cock is back in you. But you’re being a very good wife getting ready. Good girl.

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