Hey B,

Firstly bonus points for innovation! Humping an ice pack, genius! (If anyone copies her make sure the outside is starting to melt before you do, we don’t want frozen clits…)

I understand how you feel about the ruin, but we all fuck up in all kinds of ways and it’s so important we are able to separate our actions from our self-worth, especially in stuff like this. 

It’s only sex. 

No one died. No one got hurt. You didn’t even cum.

And the beauty is, a few edges and you’ll be back dripping like the little slut you are, as though it had never happened.

So skip the guilt, my orders. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be punished for going over… as punishment actually helps, a LOT, to make it better.

So if you ruin, you HAVE to ruin hard, three more times, before you are allowed to resume your normal denial. No cleaning up until all three are done. Even if that means you leave your cunt dripping and messy all day and night until you can manage your third.

You’re going to wish you were still allowed the indulgence of guilt.

You have three ruins to do. Make sure to let us know when you’re done.

Good girl.

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