Both are very handy, did you post this in response to my last post? useful videos there if not.

But pretty simply, firstly just focus on how sensual a shower can be. The hot water cascading down your body, how your slippery soaped hands feel on your breasts and nipples and mound, even reaching around with soapy fingers and playing with your ass as you rub your clit.

And then, with a detachable shower head, hopefully you can change the setting to a jet by twisting the head, and you hold that and let it pummel against your clit. Initially just on your clit hood and around that area, and then if you want more, using your other hand to pull back your clit hood and open your labia to make it even more direct.

You can also play with moving the water up and down, even spraying in or  ‘douching’ your vagina with it (although don’t do this for TOO long or it can wash out the good bacteria that are there and make you sore or more susceptible to infections).

However, a shower head isn’t the best way to practise edging, nothing beats fingers for that, so do try this, but don’t be surprised if it makes you cum. It’s very effective.

For edging, i want you in bed, relaxed, playing with your fingers, and following the guided masturbation guidelines (search this blog for those).

Have fun, and don’t cum 😉

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