Well this is kind of spooky as I was just thinking about confessions this morning.

So dear followers, send me your confessions!

Masturbation, denial, anything kinky really. Perhaps you’ve been caught? Tell us about it. Do you do anything you think is ‘weird’ when you masturbate? We’d all love to hear. What was the best denial experience you’ve ever had? How did you get started with denial or masturbation? Have you ever done it somewhere naughty or using surprising objects… Whatever you want to confess, here’s your chance to tell all!

As for the anon denial slut asking for punishment,  you need to learn some self control sweetie. So for the next day you may ONLY play with your breasts while you browse Tumblr or watch porn or anything else. NO touching between your legs at all for an entire day.

If you manage that then you may touch (if you don’t keep trying till you do), but you’re not allowed any visual stimulation when you do it, you are to focus only on playing with yourself and NOT cumming. You can watch porn/Tumblr etc but you cannot masturbate at the same time.

If you manage that for two days without cumming, then you can go back to doing both at the same time.

And yes, if you send me confessions, expect to be punished, or rewarded, as I see fit.

You can send your confessions anonymously via an ask:


Or longer ones can be sent via a submission:

http://female-orgasm-denial.tumblr.com/submit (but if you want a submission to be anonymous, you’ll have to log out of Tumblr first and put in a fake name and email on that form. Or, just tell me you want it anonymous and I’ll copy and paste it without your details)

I find confessions are best written with a fresh edged pussy leaking gently between your legs, not allowed to touch yourself until you’ve finished it and hit ‘send’. Remember you’re writing it for me, and all my horny little denied followers to read and get turned on by, so give us details, but most of all, tell us how you felt, so all the other readers can bury their hands between their legs and imagine they are you as they read it. Isn’t that a hot thought?

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